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NYC Diaries: Everything You Need To Know About Erika Fox / Retro Flame

*Adds all of Erika Fox's Instagram pictures to vision board*

When New York is involved it's always a good read.

If you have ever fantasised about launching a fashion career in New York City equipped with a wardrobe of Gossip Girl standards - and haven’t we all?-, Erika Fox, or more commonly known by her moniker, Retro Flame is speaking your language. 

The Irish Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger moved to New York a couple of years where, despite the city’s tricky nature and fashion’s prejudice towards modern influencers, established huge success having worked with Refinery29, Vera Wang and Olivia Palermo (QUEEN!) to name a few. 

A pioneer in the blogosphere, Erika’s elegant, sophisticated and feminine signature style and distinctive red hair made her an easily recognisable figure in the industry where she continues to prosper, inspire and share her dreamy New York way of life.

Proving that coming from a small country doesn’t limit your dreams, we were eager to get to know Erika a little better, and of course, take some notes - we have got you in our sights NYC.

First things first, where did the name Retro Flame come from?

When I started Retro Flame I was big into vintage clothes & accessories. Most of my outfits were made up of vintage finds so that's where the 'Retro' part came from. Then of course flame is to highlight my red hair.  It took me so long to brainstorm ideas but when I came across this combo, it just stuck.

What would you advise to someone hoping to move to New York?

I would tell them that the first year will be hard but will be SO worth it! Once you get here. find good friends you can trust, look after your body and eat well, network everywhere you go and have fun! It's one of the most exciting cities in the world.

What is your most recent obsession? 

Rice Krispies haha! Bet that wasn't the answer you were expecting. I literally can't stop eating them. But other than that, like everyone, I'm loving all things Bottega Veneta.

How do you maintain a work-life balance despite your busy schedule?

I think by taking Sundays completely off as much as I possibly can. I also try my best to put my phone away past a certain time at night, even if only for an hour to watch a show or spend time with my boyfriend.

What is one fashion word you use way too much? 

Probably 'chic'. Haha, favourite word.

What are three key autumn/winter pieces everyone should have in their wardrobe? 

A blazer, black boots, and a faux fur coat.

Where can you find you best boujee cocktails in New York?

I would have to say Le Bain rooftop at The Standard Hotel - they will cost you but the view makes up for it.

What is the biggest difference between New York and Ireland? 

The pace of life. I'm convinced time goes faster in New York.

Your hair is so gorgeous, which products do you use? 

I use a mixture of brands but especially love oils & masks. I definitely owe my healthy hair to them. I'll mask every third day.

What does New York mean to you?  

A quote I love is, "New York City is a place where you can do anything and be anything...because everyone else is too damn busy to care about what you’re doing.”

Are you a Pumpkin Spice Latte kind of girl?

No, I'm not. I'm an americano kind of girl, always.

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