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A Guide To Championing Your Fellow Female Colleagues

Who better to lift us up than each other?

Note-taking is advised.

It is the last stretch of 2019 (not to induce panic, it's early days yet), therefore a gentle nudge towards bettering ourselves before the year out seems appropriate, a mid-year revival if you will.

A final attempt in proving that we can emerge from 2019 a wiser, kinder and happier soul than when we entered allows for positive closure on a not entirely, regrettable year. Gold stars for us!

Given the average person spends one-third of their life at work, where better to invest some much-needed TLC? As creatures of habit, we quickly fall into the trap of a mundane routine, without questioning if we feel truly happy or whether our environment could be improved upon. Yet, in a post #MeToo world where we continue to shake off medieval behaviours and revolutionise social norms, it is important for such changes to also be transmitted to the workplace. 

Female rivalry in all aspects of life, especially at work, always seems to spark an unwarranted appeal and irrelevant conversations. Bidding adieu to office gossip and introducing the new female force, we have created a simple guide to championing your fellow female colleagues. Women supporting women? That is a topic most definitely worth discussing. 


Let's not forget whose team we are on...Pitting women against each other is a dated, misogynistic trend that is best kept in the past and excluded from the work environment. Creating a supportive and uplifting space breeds productivity, good energy and happy employees, in turn diminishing turnover rates and spoiling reputations. Changing the idea of women vs. women and standing together opens up a world of endlessly, beaming opportunities and forever friendships. Go team!   

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Being proactive at work boosts efficiency and is well worth shifting to the top of your to-do list. Possessing a more opportunistic view of your job allows you to make the most out of it as opposed to vice versa. Your female colleagues not only represent your work peers but a solid network of teachers that you could learn something from. Coffee dates are ideal for sharing ideas, sourcing inspiration and championing each others success’, all the while cushioning the amount of time spent working. Networking acts as the backbone to copious success stories so put down your phone and go mingle. 

Healthy Competition

A competitive edge is necessary within a role. When a promotion crops up, this edge comes into play, sparking a need for progression, fueling confidence and motivating you to obtain the position. However, should the promotion be offered to an equally deserving fellow female colleague, it is important to remember that our bruised egos will heal and ask what can be taken away from this experience? A mature, positive perspective allows for peace of mind and the clarity to wish your co-worker every success in her new role, perhaps even share some of her own tips on how she got there for you to utilise. What's for you won't pass you and you are doing amazing sweetie. 

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