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The Unapologetically Female Way To Lead Others

Let's play follow the leader...

We are an intriguing breed, us women.

A hybrid of beauty, charm, intelligence with power, strength and determination. A valuable asset to any setting. Plus, we women can possess the unique ability to behave as a human extinguisher to calm and quash any problems should they arise.

We play many roles throughout the performance of life; daughter, sister, friend, wife, mother, chef, businesswoman, creative, multitasker, gamechanger and leader. Women have never ceased to inspire or positively shape the world and I certainly don’t expect them to start now.

10 traits that make women excellent natural leaders

-  We value work-life balance. 

-  We are empathetic.

-  We make great listeners.

-  We are nurturing.

- We are focused on teamwork.

- We are good at multitasking.

- We are strong communicators.

- We handle crisis situations well.

- We lead by example.

- We check our egos. 

From Cleopatra to Oprah, women have repeatedly demonstrated the leadership skills necessary to achieve success and harmoniously rule the world or dominate any sector. In a nudge of encouragement and hopes to brighten the mundane start of the week, we salute you, female leaders.

Here are a few leading women changing the game in their own way. They focus on teamwork.

Emily Weiss

Glossier founder, Emily Weiss revolutionised the beauty industry with the launch of her direct-to-consumer company in 2014. The brand offers 29 products and is valued at $1.29 billion, an incredible achievement due to Glossier championing natural beauty and conveniently filling the gap for this in the cosmetics market.

Glossier recently created a sub-brand under their umbrella called Glossier Play which focuses on having fun with makeup. The range possesses a more colourful palette with metallics and glitters added into the mix. Emily is a completely self-made, inspiring, innovative businesswoman and mogul whose secret to success is humbly hard-work. Side note: Glossier is most definitely worth the hype.

Doireann Garrihy

Funny girl, Doireann Garrihy, shot to fame a few years through her Irish celebrity impersonations and has flourished ever since. Her Irish wit and light spirit showcased individuality, blissful ignorance towards negativity and the power of female humour (I think we all have turned to Doireann’s hilarious stories for quick pick me up in our hour of need).

A Trinity graduate with a degree in Drama Studies, Doireann made the brave decision to switch her career path to broadcasting after university having no luck in the acting world. In 2017 Doireann co-hosted The Zoo Crew on Spin 1038 with Martin Guilfoyle sharing the lighthearted fun and games behind the scenes on her social media, and the rest is history. 

Doireann has since continued to pave her way, adding host of The Podge & Rodge Show, creator and star of The Doireann Project and podcast presenter of The Laughs of Your Life (a must listen!) to her success story. Doireann proves that there is life post-graduation and just because life is unpredictable doesn't mean you cannot lead an incredible, opportunistic and happy one where you are the star of the show.


An O.G. fashion blogger and influencer, Inthefrow (Victoria McGrath) launched her blog in 2012 after finishing her Fashion PhD at the University of Manchester and while working as a Fashion Marketing Lecturer at the university. Victoria’s ideal content coverage of fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travel catalyzed her popularity and swept her into the social media phenomenon.

Earning her well deserved her place at the exclusive fashion table and the industry’s respect, Victoria now has over 850,000 Instagram followers and is a regular fashion week attendee.

Aside from her incredible style, Victoria’s ease, honesty and charm have attracted several global brand collaborations, most notably with L'Oreal Paris for which she is an ambassador for. In 2018, Victoria debuted her book, The New Fashion Rules and became a fashion columnist for Glamour magazine online.

Victoria’s road to success continues to be lead by the power of staying true to who you are, and in a climate of one cosmetically enhanced, fast fashion aesthetic, we most certainly champion that. 

Main image by @adwoaaboah

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