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How To Rid Yourself Of Constant Phone Notifications

Take a backseat.

Alerts got you down?

Anyone who boasts even the slightest grasp of perspective can pair the surge in notification-based technology with vast declines in collective mental health. 

The always-on / #nodaysoff mentality has grown exponentially out of hand – meaning that we, as consumers, are suffering the consequences. Most commonly, we see this through the constant buzzing of push notifications. 

WhatsApp groups, emails, Twitter, Instagram, dating apps; whatever your poison, it's an abiding one that affects us all. However, there are ways to alleviate it. 

1. Unarm your phone

Sounds simple, but it's so much more than putting your phone on vibrate. 

Opt for the Do Not Disturb mode when using an iOS device any time you can, which will keep notifications from popping up altogether. I usually go for that throughout the day – which is not suitable for everyone, but it sure helps from my phone ringing constantly on my desk – and then Airplane Mode at night when I try to sleep. 

2. Uninstall any and all apps you don’t use

The odds are you have a few apps you downloaded but never use. Check in on them and see which apps you actually need or enjoy and delete the rest. Bye bye, Words With Friends. 

3. Mute push notifications

Even after you’ve muted any incoming messages, you might still face the incessant blinking of your phone. Or perhaps the application icon on your laptop keeps bouncing.

These less intrusive notifications can still derail and irritate you. To mute this, go into your notifications centre and adjust each of these so you’re getting exactly as many alerts as you need, no more.

4: Check your browser extensions and cookies

Many retail sites have a cookies policy. These programs monitor your actions on the web.

Take the time to clear all of your website cookies. Until you do, you’ll continue getting browser notifications from random sites that you’re not interested in.

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