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Girl Crew CEO: Elva Carri on Making Smart Digital Choices

“What you post online speaks VOLUME about who you really are. POST with intention. REPOST with caution.” - Germany Kent.

We dream of a world where social media and careers can be friends...

For years now, we've been led to believe that everything we post on social media will come back to haunt us. That selfie you posted on Instagram, that tagged video of you dancing to the Spice Girls in a nightclub when you were 19, that tweet you sent out giving out about someone on the bus - they will all eventually hinder your career, right? Wrong. 

Sure, the fastest way to end your career, before it has even started, is to post inappropriate content on your social media platforms. But the truth is, what you post online can affect your career, but for the better. 

One woman that knows this to be the case is Elva Carri, CEO and co-founder of GirlCrew. Born out of a Facebook group set up to organise a night out, the social platform is now much more than that. Helping women all over the world find new friends, GirlCrew has now clocked up more than 100,000 members and have begun a US expansion.

We caught up with Elva to discover how she - and we - can make smart digital choices.


“Digital should never be the end game."

"It has been a huge part of what we do, but we’re really conscious of always making sure we use digital to facilitate fun, real-life activities. Share the information you care about. While we do campaigns around a specific theme or topic from time to time, such as #1PayDayAway, what we’ve found does the best day to day is sharing news and information that we really care about ourselves. Build a distinctive digital voice. We try to make sure that our voice online is one that reflects our values, our purpose and our members’ sense of adventure and fun. We’re not always looking to put forth a perfect aesthetic, we want to highlight real women doing amazing things. Our global community is 24/7."

"I enjoy being switched on and engaged. But anytime any of us need to switch off, we just let someone else on the team know so they can reach out only if it’s really urgent."

"We’re taking the stigma out of talking to strangers."

"Girl Crew stands for women making the most of their lives and helping others. Women have always been amazing at connecting and organising, we just make it easier on a global scale."


According to the EU, women in Ireland still earn around 13.9 per cent less than men, meaning the act of salary whispering – that is, finding out what people in equivalent roles within your industry are earning – is vital. Check out sites like GlassDoor, where you can anonymously post and educate yourself about industry standards when it comes to what you should be earning


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Outside of apps and life online, there's a whole other world where you can level up your career whilst achieving a digital/IRL balance. That world? Books. 

The Ambition Decisions: What Women Know About Work, Family, and the Path to Building a Life (Viking), out 18 June.

The Phone Addiction Workbook: How to Identify Smartphone Dependency, Stop Compulsive Behavior and Develop a Healthy Relationship with Your Devices (Ulysses Press) out 18 June.

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