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The Simple LinkedIn Mistake That Is Hurting Your Job Search

Save it for Whatsapp.

Something so small yet so crucial. 

Job hunting is HARD, time-consuming, and when it's not going well it can be a total drain on your confidence.

While we all know that maintaining a professional and informative LinkedIn profile is essential for climbing the career ladder or just finding a job, there is one really important thing that could be holding you back from snaring that dream step on the career ladder - and it could be staring you right in the face, quite literally.

So, we hear you ask - what is the culprit, the ink stain on our perfect LinkedIn profiles? Ready yourselves – it’s that selfie you obsessed for hours over and had each of your best friends talk in debt all so you could select it as your profile picture.

That’s right: it turns out our employers are far less impressed by our selfie angles than our friends are, with a new study showing that a whopping 88% of hiring managers think it looks “unprofessional”.

What’s more, out of the 2,186 employers surveyed, 58% said they would point-blank not hire someone that had used a selfie on their LinkedIn profile.

But the alarming news doesn't end there, the research also discovered that 60 per cent of future employers check out a candidate's social media accounts before deciding whether to offer them a job or not.

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Which means that, yes, you might want to re-think spamming your Instagram with messy night out pictures and think very carefully about what you're posting on Twitter (especially when it's 11.46 am and you're supposed to be hard at work in your current job) or, you could just make your profiles private.

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