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Want A Chic Home Office Space? Here’s How To Do It (In 4 Easy Steps)

Tidy workspace, tidy mind.
Photo by Christine Donaldson on Unsplash

Working from home has never looked this good. 

Your office, just like your wardrobe, should spark joy. Whether you have a deadline that must be finished after hours (we’ve all been there) or have a flexible work schedule, a home office set up is crucial. You need a space that has all the necessary tools and equipment, but it can be hard to keep your home office organised.

You need products and storage solutions which will help you stay tidy and productive - items which will make your workspace look even chicer, thank you very much. Thankfully, HP is on hand with smart solutions for your at home workspace. 

Get Tidy: Pick three things and throw them out

There's probably a lot more than just three things either on your desk or scattered around your home office that can go from your workspace right to the recycling bin but start small. You could even use organiser-extraordinaire Marie Kondo's method of asking yourself, "does this fancy paperweight, photo frame or multicoloured gel-tipped pen...spark joy?" If it doesn't, toss it.

The right equipment is key

One essential product is a printer. You’ll need one which is sleek as well as multi-purpose. The HP Tango Smart Home Printer and Instant Ink plan handles both print and scanning jobs from anywhere with a quick tap, swipe or voice command via its remote wireless printing feature.

And its voice-activation function means you can print high-quality photos or documents via your mobile completely hands-free (HP Tango works with Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortana, and Google Home), all using the HP Smart app.

Its Instant Ink plan means you’ll never have to worry about low ink levels either; simply sign up before or during printer setup, choose a monthly plan that suits you (plans start at €2.99 for 50 pages - you are billed for the pages you print, rather than the ink you use) and HP Tango will automatically order and deliver ink cartridges direct to your door - and before you run out, too.

Group important materials together

Who else has misplaced a key work document in the house? The best file systems are colour-coded because we recognise visual cues faster than labels. Make use of coloured labels, tags and clear folders and store them in a box or basket directly under your desk - this way, you’ll always have them to hand.

Use wall space creatively

Looking at a blank wall won’t exactly get your creative juices flowing, so decorate it with something that makes you smile. A gallery wall of all your favourite photographs is a perfect idea - and it’ll look seriously chic too!

Did you know with HP Tango Smart Home Printer, you can print as many photos as you want for your collage, free of charge? Those who sign up for the HP Instant Ink plan will not be charged for photos printed on photo paper size 13 x 18cm or smaller from a mobile device. When printing these photos, the prints are not counted against the number of pages in your enrolled plan.

Available now at Curry’s PC World, Harvey Norman and Euronics stores. Learn more about the smart printer here. 

Happy printing!

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