Nicky Crichton

Nicky Crichton

Acting MD and Head of Brand Communications at Drury Porter Novelli, Nicky Crichton shares the five fundamentals of any successful PR campaign.

Clearly define your objectives

Before you begin brainstorming it’s important to understand what you’re hoping to achieve for your brand. To drive sales, increase awareness, build brand equity or safeguard brand reputation? A campaign without a clear purpose can be confusing for both you and your audience.

Target the right audience

The downfall of many brand campaigns is a desire to reach too wide an audience. Without defining a core target from the outset, it is virtually impossible to create meaningful and engaging content and to identify the most effective channels through which to communicate your messages.

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Insight ensures that the campaign moves and inspires, resonating deeply with the target audience. With social listening tools such as BrandWatch now readily available to organisations, and measuring in real time the conversations, needs and wants of a specific target audience, these insights are becoming easier to identify and build a holistic brand communications campaign around.

Link it back to your brand

While it’s important to create content that people enjoy and want to share, make sure that the message doesn’t get lost in the mix. You want your audience to clearly make a connection between your brand and the engaging piece of content they share. The content, whatever the format, needs to offer consumers something far beyond a thinly veiled advertisement.

Decide how you will measure effectiveness

Measurement is king when it comes to proving return on investment for any PR campaign. Define and agree on specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) at the outset of every communications programme and continue to cross-check progress against these KPIs as you execute the campaign to ensure that these are being achieved, tweaking your strategy along the way if needed.

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