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5 Minutes With LA-Based Irish Model Kate Valk

From Dublin To The City Of Angels...

Think more Irish work-ethic than Irish luck.

Adding a ray of California girl sunshine to your Tuesday with Los Angeles based (I know!) Estonian-Irish model, Kate Valk. 

With from her Victoria Secret Angel aesthetic and cool girl glow, Kate’s Instagram content consists of signature LA sunshine, style and coffee runs, of which we are completely hooked. 

In Ireland, LA can seem like a separate universe and certainly not the easiest place to create a successful career. Despite the city’s promising reputation of turning dreams into reality, when the majority of the population share a similar dream this is no easy fate. 

Naturally, we had to talk with Kate about her new life in Los Angeles, her industry beauty secret and the very controversial question of pineapple on pizza.

What was the most challenging part about moving to LA?

I guess like any new place, it’s the unknown.

Adjusting to a completely new place and not knowing your surroundings. Also leaving behind my mum will never get easier but I know she’s proud of me and happy for me and I try FaceTime her nearly every day to have a little catch-up!

Thankfully I knew some friends here already which made it easier for me to come here. That would definitely make it harder if I didn’t know anyone.

Aside from the weather, what is the biggest difference between California and Ireland? 

LA is very spread out. I live in the inner city in Dublin which makes it so easy for me to get around at home.

Whereas here, pretty much everything is far away, you either need a car or Uber everywhere.

Unfortunately, I don’t drive yet but if I am going to stay here long term I will definitely need to work on that. Also, you can’t beat the Irish humour. It’s just not the same here and I miss it.

Could you see yourself living somewhere else in the future?

Yes, I think I definitely can. I love Dublin and the people but I have always been a lover of sunshine, so I think I can definitely see myself living somewhere sunny in the future when I am ready to settle down.

Sydney or LA possibly because I have been to both places and loved it, but that could change as there are so many more places to see and make that decision. Time will tell, I’m still young.

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Can I bring the sun home with me 

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What is your California girl uniform?

Oversized tee’s and trainers are definitely my go-to. The vintage shopping in LA is amazing. I am obsessed with finding cute vintage sunglasses they always finish off an outfit! 

But my style always goes in between super girly to more edgy vibes – it really depends on what mood I’m in on the day. 

What is your greatest career goal?  

To be able to support me and my family. 

There tends to always be a lot of pressure on women, how do you keep your physical and mental health in check? 

Surrounding yourself with positive people. Gratitude is number one. I’ve even got a gratitude diary which I started. Every day I would write down things that I am grateful for and, if I’m ever feeling down, I would just read over them.

I find meditation really helpful too if I’m ever feeling anxious, stressed or overthinking. Exercising. Practising self-love (which isn’t always easy) but just remembering you have a purpose in this world so just keep doing the best you can. You got this!

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Can you share the best industry beauty secret that you have received? 

I think I’ve definitely learned that less is more. Also, a good eyebrow gel is definitely a beauty-bag investment.

What is one taste of home you wish you could always have in L.A.?

3in1 from my local Chinese. Can’t beat it. 

What has been your most recent obsession? 

Hiking. There are so many beautiful hikes in LA.

I live really close by Runyon so it’s a good excuse to go. I usually go around sunset time and every time when I get to the top I just look at my surroundings and the pink sky and it just makes me so happy and grateful to be where I am. Such a nice way to finish a day. 

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Say cheeeese 殺 have a great weekend everyone!

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What is your idea of the perfect day off? 

Being around good friends laughing and joking. Doing something for yourself so a good pamper day – self-care is always needed.

Sometimes just a good movie and face masks. Doing something that gets you away from everyday life.

Thoughts of pineapple on pizza? 

It’s a no from me. I’m a plain margarita pizza kinda girl.

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