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How To Manifest Your Dream Job In 4 Simple Steps

It’s a difficult time for job seekers, but don’t panic – hope is definitely not lost.

Whether you’ve lost your job due to the coronavirus pandemic or have decided to change careers as a result of the crisis, award-winning intuitive healer, Sinéad de hÓRA tells us how to manifest your dream job. 

The coronavirus crisis has had a massive impact on the world of work. It’s almost impossible to think of an industry that hasn’t been affected by these trying times; jobs have been lost, employees have been furloughed and whole companies have found themselves working remotely.

No matter what working situation you’ve faced during the coronavirus pandemic, chances are that you’ve spent some time thinking about your career. Now more than ever, we’ve been forced to re-evaluate what’s important to us, and for many people, that means reconsidering what they want out of their job. "I always say that work should be an extension of you," opines Sinéad de hÓRA, award-winning intuitive healer. "It’s a representation of your passion, your skills and your purpose. It is an integration of your life. I don’t believe in a ‘work-life balance’ mentality because that implies everything is separate which can feel overwhelming when you try to juggle the different aspects." Indeed, the pandemic has given us the chance to pause and reassess. "When you step into the mindset of work-life being an integration of one another, you feel somewhat whole and in turn, it can provide clarity on how to distribute your energy wisely," continues Sinéad. "With the events of the past year, we have been forced out of our comfort zones more than ever before. It has opened up room for us to re-evaluate what is important to us and where we want to spend our time."

It seems that, among all of the chaos of the coronavirus crisis, many workers are looking forward to a future where their job serves their needs. "Perhaps you have noticed that you are struggling to get motivated in work or you are feeling guilty for the amount of time you are dedicating to work and not to your family," says Sinéad. "How you are feeling is okay. What is not ok, is to stay in this energy where you are not fully aligned with your values and your hearts desires."

Making a career change – especially to a completely new industry – can be a daunting prospect, but it’s completely achievable, even in a pandemic. "There is always room for change and growth," adds Sinéad. "We just need to identify what needs to change."

So, to help you get started, Sinéad de Hora has broken down the four must-do steps in order to manifest your dream job. 

1. focus on your strengths

Let’s start with identifying where you are leaking energy in both your personal and professional life. Are you focusing on things that are not your strength or passion? There will always be things that we need to do that we don’t necessarily enjoy, but they will inevitably help us progress in the future. I want you to focus on things that you are doing that are timewasters such as taking a break and looking through social media for one and create a list of tasks that you can delegate to another. When you identify where you are leaking energy, you can establish better boundaries in all areas of your life.

2. understand your why

Where would you like to spend more time? again keep your personal and professional life in mind when connecting with this. Remember, we are integrating the two now. Perhaps write this in a bullet point format and state ‘why’ each point is important and what value it will bring to you and your life. When you understand your ‘why’ you increase the energy vibration of the desire and therefore you are more likely to do it/ attract it.

3. Set boundaries and stick to them. 

Set boundaries and stick to them. How often have you set boundaries and completely ignored them? Then, when your boss, employees, friends or family test your boundaries, you get frustrated, overwhelmed or other? How can you expect others to respect your boundaries if you are not respecting them? So, establish what boundaries need to be set and remember to state what value they are going to bring to your life. Again, the more you break it down, the easier it will be for you to commit to keeping these boundaries strong. Once you have identified them, I would like for you to implement them into your calendar. For example, if you have recognised that your family time is vital for your self-care and wellness, then pop in family time into your diary so that it will not be moved. Sit with your calendar and adjust your diary in accordance with your needs.


Now for aligning your energy to manifest all that you desire. State what the best-case scenario looks like for your dream job. Break it down to what you do, who you work with, what you wear at work, the salary you are on per annum, the commute to work, the feeling you have going to and from work etc. The more you can break it down, the more you align your energy with that. Visualise this energy and notice how your body reacts as you do this. The key to manifesting is to believe that this is all possible and to act as if you already have it. The Universe will catch up and in no time, your thoughts will become your reality. If you do the above techniques and if you are consistent with them then you will start to notice your energy levels increasing. They will increase because you are making yourself a priority. As you make yourself a priority, you will notice that your mood will alter for the better, you will have more clarity in work and at home, you will be more creative as you are in alignment with your vision and desires. It is possible to have all that you desire. If this past year has taught us anything it has reminded us that life is precious and that we need to make ourselves a priority. Our health and happiness are all that matters. It is time to align your energy with just that.

For more information about manifesting, see or follow Sinead on Instagram (@sineaddehora) where she shares daily tips on all things intuition, manifesting, mindset and more. 

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