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What To Do If You're Going Through A Quarter-Life Crisis

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Don't worry, this is only temporary. 

A pivotal moment in life occurs when you reach your mid-20s – don’t worry, your time will come  whether you have just graduated university and watched your cosy routine over the past couple of years deconstruct, or you have been working full-time but are nowhere near the financial success you faithfully promised to baby you, we find ourselves at a quarter-life crossroads, confused, helpless and little hard-done-by.  

As children, hopes and dreams provided a joyous, excitement for life, although, with age, society and life’s predetermined expectations for us force a humbling experience that causes some aspiration, evaluation and self-reflection.

No amount of preparation when conjuring up our life goals could have cushioned the harsh reality of astronomical living costs, underpaid work, lack of genuine mentorship and lack of compassion and understanding from older generations, but a dose of reality including a lesson on car maintenance, taxes and money management in substitute for the odd fairytale storytime would have diminished the shock of adulthood thrust upon you in your twenties. 

True, c’est la vie to experience hardships and struggles when branching out into total independence, yet increased rates of education and competition prove it's even trickier to become established and financially secure from a younger age.

In fact, your thirties are now viewed as the prime decade (Jenna Rink had the scoop), allowing you more time to graft and build career momentum so you can truly relish your success without feeling obliged to keep up with the new, crazy party scene.

Luckily, the quarter-life crisis is becoming a more prevalent topic generating a surge of antidotes.

It is also crucial to remember despite feeling isolated from your desired, ideal situation that this is a shared experience, you are not alone and your future is just as bright as you imagined.  

Below are some tried and tested trusty remedies to keep you positive, motivated and excited for what’s to come. 

Stay Motivated

Maintaining razor-sharp focus on your end goal is a daily practice. Setting aside ten minutes to read a personal growth book e.g. The Success Principles by Jack Canfield, or trading a playlist for a power podcast e.g. How To Fail With Elizabeth Day on the way to work energises your ambitions and keeps you pushing forward. 

Gain perspective

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It is important to make life decisions from an optimised, secure and confident state.

Personal experience and travel can burst the comfort bubble, give, encourage an open mind and shed some new light for you to make better choices. Paris makes everything better though, oui? 

Be proactive

Your dream life is never going to be handed to you – blood, sweat and tears are among the ingredients – networking and sourcing advice from successful people is as easy as inviting someone for a quick coffee, asking for feedback on your ideas, or availing of business apps.

Success leaves clues so be sure to collect.

Develop a new, healthy habit

Maintaining a healthy body and mind during times of stress and struggle is a priority to help you think with clarity and prevent negative notions.

Be kind to yourself, take yourself for a walk in nature, treat yourself to a boujie gym membership or invest some time into cooking yourself a lovely meal instead of opting for another takeaway.  


Our minds aren’t naturally hardwired to behave with the best intentions, and we tend to forget that we are in complete control of our lives.

Creating a mood board, journaling or writing an inspirational quote on a post-it keeps your dreams at the front of your mind and within reach.

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