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5 Successful Irish Women On What They Really Wear To Work

The rules of professional dress are changing faster than we can say “OoO”

From business casual to creative casual...

The rules about what women wear to work have changed - there's no doubt about that. According to a recent study, 15% of workplaces have now adopted a far more casual approach to dressing for the office. An even more fun fact is that in Sweden, many companies have a “no shoes” policy and ask for employees to wear slippers in the workplace.

While we're a good while away in terms of our bosses allowing us to slide into loungewear so we can type at a computer, the tide is turning when it comes to having to wear stiff, uncomfortable clothes to work.

With that in mind, we’ve caught up with five successful Irish women to find out what it is they really wear to work. From skinny jeans and a white tee to maxi dresses and heels, keep scrolling five office-ready outfits that will help you get dressed for a week at work, as well as the key piece that will help change up your workwear and make it feel fresh. 

Stephanie Game, Penneys PR

"I'd define my work style as ‘cool comfort’ meaning that I like to be comfortable yet throw a nod to the hot trends of the moment. For me, the most important thing is that I represent the Primark brand effortlessly while putting my individual style stamp on it. My top tip for a simple work-style life is to lay out your clothes the night before and steam them, but never become too rigid that you lose the fun element of fashion. Your mood (and the weather) might be very different in the morning. Try to carve out a niche style for yourself that makes you stand out yet is true to your profession. Be polished but not perfect.

One of the most construed judgements about working in Fashion PR is that it is very glamorous 100% of the time. However on the day-to-day job, you are required to be on your feet, travel, run to various meetings, all while handling plenty of fashion samples - it can get a little sweaty! Therefore a slick pair of trainers is an office essential. I currently love all the chunky ones we have in Penneys at the moment.  The other things I can’t live without are black PU trousers, a crisp timeless white shirt and dresses that can I can wear on their on for summer but can be layered come winter with chunky knits "

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Natalie Burke Donohue, PR Executive @ Arnotts

"If I had to describe my work style I think I would say it’s feminine, classic and comfortable. What I wear to work and what I wear on the weekend are quite similar, for me, it’s all about comfort, quality and feeling confident. I like to wear outfits that make me feel confident when I’m attending work meetings but will still allow me to be comfortable when I’m running straight from the meeting to an event. 

I love monochrome and have a bit of an obsession with grey - I just find it’s so much easier to mix and match outfits for work when you’re working from a controlled colour palette. I love investing in classic pieces that I won’t tire of too easily, so when I can afford to, I prefer to spend on good quality pieces and pair them with the more affordable basics. 

My essentials: I love an oversized white shirt, a trustworthy blazer, high waisted tailored trousers, a good quality statement white tee for under said blazer and some statement knits for the colder months. I’m sorry but I’ll never fall out of love with skinny jeans, I dress them up with high heeled ankle boots and always feel like my best self. I tend to stick to a (very) limited selection of handbags that truly ‘spark joy’. They tend to be of the expensive variety but I am a firm believer that an investment is for life. Fashion maths!" 

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Tara Stewart, 2fm DJ

"I always go for comfort over style in work. One big reason being I don't drive to work so I walk and get the bus. On a normal day I will be very casual, jeans and a t-shirt or tracksuit with trainers is my standard look. 

On a day when I'm in RTE and then have an event to DJ afterwards I will wear my outfit I plan on wearing at night, which is normally a bit more glam but still with trainers. HOWEVER the big different is I have a full face of makeup on. 

A bad habit I have is trying to get as many snoozes in before I REALLY have to get up for work. The problem with that is, it doesn't give me enough time to put a LOOK together, so the more casual the better.

It's important to be super comfy in work for me as it means I'm not worried or fidgeting on my appearance. As you can probably tell, I love being comfortable."

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Courtney Smith, stylist

"My work style is surprisingly pretty laid back and very practical."

As a stylist whether I'm on set or in my studio, I need to be comfortable first and foremost so I tend to opt for denim jeans and depending on the time of year a vintage t-shirt, blouse or jumper layered with a leather jacket or a statement coat. And then flats...chunky runners or boots.

That's my day to day wardrobe but obviously, as a stylist, I try and opt for these essentials in striking colours and prints so they aren't boring. Or else I use accessories to make a simple look more exciting."

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Catherine Carton, Retail Manager & Founder of Dainty Dress Diaries

"I like to have fun with my workwear wardrobe. I work in fashion, so I get to express my individual style through my clothes. I find dresses are so easy to style and I can layer them with jackets and tights too."

"On days where I have meetings I love to team skirts with knitted jumpers for a professional fun look."

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Main image by @kaity_modern on Instagram

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