Yes – You Should Quit Your Job, Here's Why

Should I stay or should I go?

7 signs it's time to say goodbye...

Do you wake up every morning jumping out of bed with excitement to get ready for work? Probably not. 

The sad fact is that, unless it's the weekend, we wake up with the feeling of dread. That's because the majority of us are stuck the wrong jobs. We settle for mediocre salaries, chronic work life cultures with no signs of career goals all in order to pay rent. 

We work for companies that don’t excite us and spend years in roles that don’t quite suit our personality. Why? Because it’s easy. Because it’s secure and frankly, because getting a monthly wage is a gratifying experience.

If the aforementioned factors feel close to home, don't fret. Career ruts are far from unusual. Even people in the most satisfying of jobs occasionally feel unmotivated, tired and are left feeling they want something more. 

Maybe it's because you've got a big project you can't ever imagine finishing, a regular customer that is nothing short of rude or maybe it's just time for a career change. From work anxiety to pushing for perfection or simply being overworked, there's a host of factors that makes us feel as if we're failing. 

Everyone procrastinates. Maybe you "don't see" an email till after lunch or you decide that spreadsheet can wait till tomorrow instead. This kind of procrastination is actually healthy as it allows you to work when you are at your most creative. However, if you’re procrastinating more than you are actually working then even you know something is wrong. Missing deadlines and cutting corners because your work isn't engaging is a definitive sign you're in the wrong position. There should be something about your job that excites your more than scrolling through Pinterest. 

You're Unhappy...and have been for months

It sounds obvious, but the clearest sign that you need is a change is how you feel when in work every day. If you wake up and feel demotivated if you sit at your desk feeling depressed, bored, misunderstood and mistreated - it's time to move on. Remember: You don’t have to be miserable or lose your sense of self in order to be gainfully employed.

You Can't See A Future

Every job should be leading somewhere. It’s an age-old interview question, but ‘where do you see yourself five years from now’ can prove useful if you’re working out whether to quit your job or not. Not every job has to lead to promotion but a satisfying job should give you the opportunity to learn something, take on new responsibilities or tackle new challenges. If the work you are doing today is the exact same as the work that you were doing five years ago then you need to consider if you have a this is the future you want. Does your company and role encourage you to grow as not only a person but a professional too? If the answer is no then it might be time to start looking elsewhere. Life’s too short to be stuck in a dead-end job.

ASK YOURSELF: Is The Corporate Grind For You?

For some people the 9-5 day is perfect, but if you're finding that you're itching to leave work to get stuck into a side hustle at the end of each day, it may be time to look how feasible it is to make your passion project your main hustle. From moving country to going back to college, there are plenty of people who have taken the plunge and left their 9-5 behind. 

The Outcomes Feel Pointless

Do you love what you do? Do you believe in the positive good of what you’re doing, and that what you’re spending your precious energy on is indeed worth it? If the answer is no, it's time to get out of there. You can’t thrive or even succeed in the slightest if you don’t believe in what your company is putting out in the world, or how they’re doing it. You simply cannot succeed if you subconsciously oppose to what your employer stands for in the world.

Face The Facts

The optimists among us know that looking for positives can help turn a situation around. But what many of us optimists don't realise is that it's actually just a convenient excuse to remain unhappy, or worse - plain denial. We often have this attitude that bad times have to get better, we'll tell ourselves, 'Oh, once I get this deadline out of the way, things will get better'. We cling onto the idea that things will change, but if you're constantly saying this, then there's a problem worth acknowledging. 

Trust Your Gut

If Irish Mammies have thought us anything, it's to always trust your gut. It always knows when something isn’t right for you. You might not even be able to put your finger on why you think you should leave your job. It could be the workload, it could be your boss or it could be the job itself that's not right for you. But if something deep down is telling you this, it's time to start listening. 

Remember: whether you decide to quit your job or not, no job is worth sacrificing your happiness for.  

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