Dr Nora Khaldi: The Woman In STEM Marrying Hard Science To The Needs Of Society

She consistently seeks to innovate and inspire

As a founder of Nuritas, blending AI and genomics, Dr Khaldi holds a PhD in molecular evolution and bioinformatics from Trinity College Dublin, as well as a masters degree in mathematics from the Université Aix-Marseille in France.

She was the first scientist to show gene transfer between multicellular species.

She then made a successful transition from academia to one of Ireland's most exciting young entrepreneurs; in 2014, she set up Nuritas to develop the future of food. The company uses artificial intelligence, deep learning and DNA sequencing to look at the trillions of molecules that make up food with the aim of improving health and longevity. It says it can find these peptides 10 times faster and 500 times more accurately than traditional methods.

Anyone that comes and tells you a scientist is not an entrepreneur is off their head

She combines new ways of thinking with her scientific learnings to go above and beyond the traditional business model. It is, she says about marrying science with the needs of society. 

Disrupting the status quo 

Her passion to innovate and disrupt the status quo has led to incredible achievements. Her start-up won a €3 million research grant from the EU and raised €2 million in funding from major investors. In addition, Nuritas was named one of Europe’s top 10 most innovative start-up companies by the European Commission.

Oh, and did we mention that U2’s Bono and The Edge are among its backers? In November last year, it also launched PeptAIde, the world's first bioactive ingredient discovered and delivered through AI. Impressive is putting it mildly. 


No stranger to accolades, Dr Khaldi has many already to her name, including the 'Woman of the Decade in Business and Leadership Award' from the Women Economic Forum-European Union, along with many others. As a company, Nuritas has won some incredible international awards such as the Forbes Reinventing America Award which recognised the global impact its technology will have on the future of food and health. The firm also received the prestigious KPMG/Irish Times award in 2018. 

Her advice to others hoping to succeed in the field of science is to be disciplined and dedicated. 

"Science projects are usually new and you can't just google to find an answer. It's a tough area, and if you are not 100pc committed it's a very competitive and hard area to develop in," she explains on her profile at Trinity.


Dr Nora Khaldi shares her business wisdom and what it means to win big at the Irish Tatler's women of the year awards 2019. 

#ITWOTY19: Dr Nora Khaldi

Dr Nora Khaldi shares her business wisdom and what it means to win big at the Irish Tatler's women of the year awards 2019. Enterprise Ireland

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