Fiona Shaw: The Irish Actress With Two Emmy Nominations

The Irish actress' talent knows no bounds

There’s almost nothing we can say about the mesmerising Fiona Shaw that hasn’t been said already.

And she may have a perfect English accent on stage and screen but, make no mistake, she is one of our own. Hailing from Cork, the award-wining Irish actress and director is a tour de force no matter the outlet she uses to hone her craft. She has a knack for choosing projects that come hand-in-hand with huge box office success be it film, or a TV series on the small screen which quickly reaches cult status.

As well as her slew of critically acclaimed performances on stage, she’s played characters you would never forget in a hurry. Who could forget her iconic turn as Petunia Dursley in the Harry Potter series? Or, of course, her current BAFTA-winning role as the enigmatic Carolyn Martens in the brilliant Killing Eve? She shines in every role; a true scene-stealer in the best sense of the word – there are few to have straddled stage and screen so successfully.

A star of stage and screen

After receiving her degree in University College Cork, Shaw left Ireland in her twenties, bound for London and trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) and from there, her career began and blossomed.

She’s associated with the classics when it comes to theatre, from Medea, Electra, Richard II, Mother Courage, and The Wasteland. Equally, her performances in My Left Foot, Jane Eyre, The Black Dahlia and True Blood demonstrate her ever-evolving dedication to her craft. Her performance as the ill-fated Mrs Nugent in The Butcher Boy is also extremely memorable.


Speaking frequently of her love of Ireland, she has said in previous interviews that there’s no place quite like home and that she breathes a sigh of relief whenever she gets off a plane here.

I love London but nobody minds you over there, not in the same way they do here. Irish people have a unique quality, this friendliness and openness, we just don't know how not to be nice.

She has said that she started out wanting to be a comedic actress, and with her recent work on the small screen, it’s easy to see why. We personally can’t wait to see her again for season 3 of Killing Eve, which is currently in production. No one does those killer one-liners (sorry) with as much aplomb as she does, after all. 

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