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New Year, New Success Strategy Inspired By The Greats

Do these every day, and you'll find yourself farther than you ever thought possible.

Success leaves clues...

Which is why, despite life’s discouraging notions, it would be in our best interest to briefly adopt the mindset of a detective and mine as many motivating golden nuggets as we can. And given the world’s current cultural obsession with true-crime tv shows, this should not be a problem.

When life deals you a plateau, mid-life or quarter-life crisis, whichever you would prefer to name your plague, you still have control. In fact, some of the greatest success stories are born from rock bottom circumstances. 

Post-university, when you are handed your degree along with the steering wheel to your life, the impending question of, ‘what’s next?’ creeps into view and has you wondering how you are going to adult your way to the dream-life you promised yourself as a child. Luckily, your success story is entirely written by you and learning from those who have come before and now sit favourably in the realm of success is the perfect place to kickstart your journey. 

Tried and tested below are a few useful tips and ideas that can be incorporated into your life to boost happiness, productivity and success.

Inspired by incredible game-changers e.g. Oprah Winfrey, Victoria Beckham and Anna Wintour who too, at times, need a managing motivation pick-me-up to keep them on track. 

Self-Indulgent Mornings 

Favoured by the successful crowd, a thoughtfully-crafted morning routine allows for a small bit of time set aside each morning to practice a bit of self-love and prepare you for the day ahead.

Whether it's getting up a little bit earlier to journal some positivity and gratitude, practising meditation or simply making yourself a nice breakfast without the crazy morning rush, starting the day prioritising your needs and peace of mind will eliminate brain fog, stress and having you operating at a higher level which will attract success.

Pancakes anyone?

Sweat for success 

Surely seeing the word 'exercise' so regularly circulated proves that maybe there is something to it? Exercise is a basic human requirement with an endless list of benefits such as mood enhancement, energy-boosting and disease prevention. Feeling strong, healthy and having a clear and happy headspace quietens your inner, critical voice and allows more energy to be focused on building self-confidence and accomplishing your goals.

Dread is often associated with exercise given jammed, busy work schedules and demanding social lives leading to ‘CBA’ mentality understandably taking charge. However, investing some time into figuring out what type of exercise you would enjoy doing removes the chore-like effect and fills in the weekly work-out space quite nicely. Even walking to work in the morning can get you stimulated for a productive day, any activity is a win-win. 

Stay Driven 

In order to become successful, your passion for the project must be kept at the forefront of your prioritises. Your obsession, drive and perseverance won’t dip if your reasons ‘why’ don’t. Visualisation, affirming your goals and feeding your inspiration with motivational books/podcasts energises and encourages your fire for success.

A vision board is an excellent support system for your dreams and serves as a reminder with gusto on your wall that you will get there. Whenever life’s troubles ambush your day, liaising with your personal playbook, a vision board mapped with pathways to your end goal reinforces the fact that today’s setback is minuscule against the sweet, bigger picture which will be worth the struggle. Unsurprisingly, moguls, leaders and celebrities largely credit this success story technique. 

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