Jess Kelly: The Irish Women Bringing A Female Voice To Male-Dominated Industries

Insightful, jargon-free tech advice.

If you have a tech-related concern, radio and broadcaster Jess Kelly is the woman you need.  

Currently Newstalk's Technology Correspondent (following a variety of roles in the station from intern, researcher to producer), she hosts Tech Talk on Sunday evenings and is on hand to offer helpful, easy-to-follow advice for even the trickiest of tech dilemmas.  Even the most complex of technology topics are made insightful and jargon-free thanks to her skilled expertise.   

The dream job

And though she loves every kind of gadget, Jess originally started out wanting to be a teacher but ended up doing an arts degree before “falling” into broadcasting. Talking on Newstalk, she said she felt overwhelmed when it came to college life and knew the degree didn’t suit her personality. “I wasn’t academically minded,” she explained.

A career in radio beckoned when she decided to write to every radio station in the country looking for work experience before entering Newstalk. “I loved it from the second I walked in and I’ve been there ever since!”   She says she is in her dream job making a living from the topic she is so passionate about.

Station Stalwart

Having been a stalwart at the station since 2010, she also joins Pat Kenny every Tuesday on The Pat Kenny Show and regularly contributes to Newstalk Breakfast and The Ivan Yates Show. When it comes to the station, she says she’s done worked her way up in various departments on different shows to get to where she is today.

That being said, she isn’t one to sit still.

I constantly want to get better at what I do and try new things too. I fell into this career almost ten years ago, so who knows where I’ll be in ten years time.

She has also contributed to a number of Irish publications including The Sunday Business Post, The Irish Examiner and The Cork Independent.  

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