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IT Bookclub: The Memoirs That Will Motivate You Throughout Quarantine

It's a women motivating women kind of vibe.

A push in the right direction that will fit in your handbag.  

The female literary circle has come a long way since the era of gender discrimination and pseudonyms (Emile Bronte’s publisher is probably rolling in their grave right about now).

Since female talent, creativity and intelligence have gained recognition there has been no shortage in supply with writers such as Sally Rooney and Lisa Taddeo completely reshaping the industry at present. 

The female voice is powerful and when given the platform on which to utilize it, mountains are moved, worlds are changed and fires of passion are sparked.

Literature always possessed the incredible ability to deeply impact lives and personal perspectives but when the genre of wellness came into play, encouraging personal growth and self-development, game-changers were bred at home, curled up with a book and a cup of tea. 

In competitive times, witnessing women of all backgrounds, nationalities, and industries rise up the professional career ladder with great success instils the hopeful message that anything is possible and your dreams aren’t so far from your grasp.

The next step is listening to these female champions and learning from their pathway to success. Luckily, some of these female leaders have shared their secrets...

Becoming by Michelle Obama

Becoming, Michelle Obama, €24.99, Dubray Books

A figure so at-large yet so grounded, Michelle Obama’s authenticity and ability to relate to all justifies her enormous global appeal. Her memoir and first book, Becoming was first published in 2018 and instantly became an international best-seller. A more personal narrative than that of the first African-American First Lady of the United States, Michelle shares her life experiences that have shaped who she is and can be attributed to her incredible success even within predominantly white circumstances. As a woman who can make it out from under the merciless, political microscope, reputation in-tact, we can for sure learn a thing or two. 

How To Fail by Elizabeth Day

How To Fail, Elizabeth Day, €18.19, Eason

Journalist and novelist Elizabeth Day transitioned her inspirational podcast, How To Fail to print with her adored book version. How To Fail addresses the necessity of failing as well as the growth and positivity it generates. Contrary to our programmed belief that failure is unacceptable Elizabeth refreshingly exhibits moments of failure in her own life that have taught her the most valuable lessons. With lighthearted ease, Elizabeth explores how failure does not define us as individuals, instead it provides an uplifting, powerful message that leads to even greater success. 

What I Know For Sure by Oprah Winfrey

What I Know For Sure, Oprah Winfrey, €16.99, Dubray Books

Despite her chat-show and original claim to fame ending almost a decade ago Oprah’s untouchable legacy had been long established. A pioneer and bonafide leader, Oprah shares her impeccable wisdom in her collection of life lessons, What I Know For Sure. The book touches upon themes of joy, power, resilience and much more which encourages motivation and living life fearlessly and to its full capacity. Despite the self-development genre categorizing work as tough-reads and overly-complicated Oprah’s book is mesmerizingly simple and an enticing read you will keep going back to. 

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